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Pottery Barn Dupes - Luxe for Less Stowe Mirror

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I'm a huge fan of Pottery Barn (and Pottery Barn Dupes). Their products are absolutely inspirational. However, I just can't seem to justify the price for some of their pieces like this Stowe Mirror. So, I set myself to find an equivalent comparative piece.

Pottery Barn Stowe Mirror Luxe for Less With Amazon

So how do they compare:

Amazon SDKOA Mirror 

Color: Black

Diameter: 30" & 36"

Glass Type: Shatterproof

Fabrication: MDF

Pottery Barn Stowe Mirror

Color: Black

Diameter: 40"

Glass Type: N/A

Fabrication: MDF

This Amazon Luxe for less is rated 5.0 stars in value for money, it being about 3" less in mirror space I still believe it's an excellent dupe for the budget buyer.


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