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Nursery Inspiration

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Amazon Nursery Inspiration Design

Nursery designs are my absolute favorites. One because they take me back in time when I had my first son. I was constantly looking for nursery inspirations. We lived in a small two-bedroom apartment and had to get very creative.

When I design a nursery, I like to think ahead and how these pieces will continue to grow with your family and child. These pieces can be moved within so that your child can customize their room.

My eldest quickly re-designed his room with superheroes by the time he was three.

Made with premium metal, this crib easily converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed. Cost-effective and grows with your child.

What I like the most about this dress is its price and appearance! From experience, I have learned that toddler furniture is likely to wear and tear much sooner than expected. So do yourself a favor and find a piece that is likely to grow with them to about 3-4 years. When they start elementary school, their personalities began to resonate.

Modern Black and Gold 6-Drawer Dresser Nursery Inspiration

This rocker/gilder has 4.8 rating for comfort and its gorgeous look. If you are a Pottery Barn or West Elm fan, like me, this is a very good affordable option.

Nursery gilder super soft comfortable

This brown teddy needs no introduction! Stuffed animals are great for growing infants/toddlers. They provide a sense of security and safety. When my boys were growing, they'd carry their stuffed animal everywhere. It always kept them calm in tense situations (i.e., new places, faces).

Gold teddy bear nursery inspirations

The print quality on these is amazing, from personal experience. Do note that these are unframed so you will need to buy the frame of your choice. For the price, you can't miss out.

Safari animal wall art 6-piece nursery inspiration

The texture and visual appeal on this are stunning! Perfect addition to any room.

Black side table modern

4Ft. Artificial tree fig

NOTE: These are cushion covers. Use them for the nursery or bring them out for your winter decor.

White pillow cover bear animal design

This orb light just has a timeless look. It would make a great nursery addition while introducing shapes and serve as a functional piece in any room.

Modern glass orb shape light

Okay, so this piece here is a bestseller, for décor. Though I love the raw and fresh look it adds to the room. Again, it's all about investing in easily moving items into other rooms.

Farmhouse table decor nursery decor


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