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Montessori/Day Care Essentials

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Montessori Day Care Essentials for School Nap Sack, Lunch Box, Bags, Thermos, Lunch Box

I remember the time when I registered my first born into a Montessori. It was an overwhelming experience. I cannot tell you what exact emotion I felt because it was just that type of roller coaster. One thing, that I clearly remember is NOT knowing the essentials.

Granted his school provided me with a list of items required, it did not contain any reference on where to purchase or which type/style is best for his environment. Another, anxiety that I had while preparing to send my child to school was, HOW AM I GOING TO KEEP THE FOOD WARM. Many Montessori's and day cares do not heat the child's food as it increases their liability.

Through the past seven years, I've had my eldest complete his Montessori journey and another still trailing along. I've gone through my fair share of essentials for school; some I totally regretted purchasing.

So, to help you out momma, I present to you the Montessori/day care essentials.

NOTE: Each school will have their own requirements but the items I list here are must haves.

With over 5,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, you can't go wrong with this nap mat. It comes with a name tag placeholder, washable/removable pillow with a fleece blanket. Unlike many other nap mats that have a hard filling for the blanket pull over this nap mat blanket is soft and flexible and moves as you need it. It really mimics a child's blanket. I appreciate that it has Velcro to secure the mat on the toddler cot or cushion at school. It certainly stays in place. This also comes in many designs and colors.

Day care, montessori nap mat cot

Another over 5,000 reviews with a 4.8-star rating, these wet dry bags are a MUST. Typically, Montessori, day care, or any care-taking facility is going to request an additional set of clothing, shoes, socks, diapers, creams, etc. You don't want to send them in multiple zip-lock bags or shopping bags. They take space in their cubby and can result in frustration from the child and teachers. Yes, I've made this mistake! These bags are excellent to label what is exactly inside it and neatly hang them in the cubby.

Wet Dry Bags, Clothing Bags, Storage Bag

This backpack is highly rated. It comes with the backpack, lunch bag, and pencil case. Not only is it sufficient for the school days but makes an excellent bag for travel. We've used this bag to pack my child's clothing for a 2-day getaway trip.

Dinosaur kids age 2-6 backpack

With over 10,000 reviews, this bento box is a MUST HAVE! I mean it! If your child enjoys warm mac & cheese, nuggets, pasta, etc. from home this will be your savior. The insulated portion is perfect size for a toddler, it keeps the food warm. I like to warm it by placing hot water and allowing the insulation to warm up. The insulation piece can also be removed when warm food is not required. My child finally eats lunch at school because of this bento box.

OmieBox Bento Box for Kids - Insulated Lunch Box with Leak Proof Thermos Food Jar - 3 Compartments, Two Temperature Zones (Sky Blue) (Single) (Packaging May Vary)

I like the bigger sized Thermos funtainers it allows me to ensure that my child is drinking enough water during the day at school. Often times our children complain of aches and pains and this too can be related to poor hydration. If I noticed my child's water bottle consistently being nearly full to full, I question the teacher. This enables me to be aware of my child's habits and ensure the teachers are refilling the water bottle.

THERMOS FUNTAINER 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle with Wide Spout Lid, Denim Blue



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