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TV Token: A Lifesaver for Parenting - How it Transformed My Mom Experience (Kids Routine Schedule)

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Let's face it momma, the screen-time guilt is overwhelming! At times we find ourselves questioning if "I'm a good mom!". The fact that you are asking yourself this question indicates how GREAT of a mom you are!

As a mom with a full-time corporate job, I often struggle to balance between work and kids. This is obviously more difficult during the summer. We recently implemented TV tokens into our household, which has been a game-changer.

No longer do we find ourselves embroiled in arguments over TV time limits. With the tokens, my children have gained a sense of responsibility, as they now are able to choose when they want to redeem their tokens for screen time. When I say the mom's guilt is gone, I mean it. T

The beauty of the tokens lies in their ability to encourage imaginative play and exploration. Rather than relying solely on screens for entertainment, my children have become more resourceful and inventive in their free time.

The tokens have certainly encouraged self-directed play, honed their problem-solving skills and expanded their imagination in the process. Not to mention, they found creative ways to enjoy the outdoors in the Texas heat.

However, there is one slight catch, at least in my household. They must complete part of their morning routine before they become eligible for a token.

PRO TIP: This kids routine schedule allowed me as a working mom to schedule meetings when I knew my boys would least require my attention.

Check out the checklist my boys follow.

Kids Summer Schedule


Summer Schedule
Download • 486KB

Have your child be part of the process before implementing. I found that it really excited my boys when they decided to use their tokens. After all, it was created by them!

So, here's what we did:

Each token is worth 30 minutes. I just didn't think 15 minutes was enough. They are just getting engaged in the show before I have to interrupt prematurely.

I found these great craft circles with strings already attached. I bought 4 in total.

Each child decorated their tokens (color, paint, sticker, etc.) -- Let them experiment!

Once they were done decorating, I used a Sharpie, put their names on it, and hung them on the side of the fridge with magnets holding the token.

PRO TIP: I laminated the summer schedule so I'm not constantly having to print a new copy each morning. I have this laminating machine from Amazon, which is excellent.


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