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Kid’s Room Soccer Decor

Updated: Sep 17

Kids soccer theme room decor ideas, soccer basket, soccer wall art, soccer piggy bank

  1. Soccer Laundry Hamper

Though this is considered a laundry hamper, as a parent our creative minds quickly learn to utilize our resource is unique ways. Psst, if you use hampers to store sports ball and toys, I got you!

Soccer print laundry, toy basket

2. Soccer Piggy Bank

We bought this for our eldest son. He's a huge soccer fan (the first in the family). What I like about this specific piggy bank is the quality. It isn't cheaply made. It's excellent to teach my son money saving habits. I specifically didn't get a piggy bank that had a counter on it. The excitement a child gets when seeing all their savings and valuing their money, gets lost if they already know how much, right! Ps. Be sure to follow my page as I will be posting pictures of how I decorated my son's soccer themed room with these products.

3. Soccer Is My Life Pillow Cover

This machine washable pillow cover is a must have! It's big enough to be placed on the bed or even a side armchair in your child's room. It comes with an invisible zipper and has a 4.5-star rating.

4. Tin Soccer Destination Sign

This is a 4X16 Tin sign. Makes an excellent statement when placed above the door. Excellent for an industrial/soccer-themed room. DIY Tip, if you have a coat hanger place this sign on top to make it appear as a street pole in your child's room.

5. Eat, Sleep, Soccer, Repeat Wall Art

Something about this wall art I just love. It is sized at 11 X 14 and comes unframed. I appreciate the ability to customize this art to fit any decor theme. I ordered one for my son after seeing it as a model home.

6. Retro Faded Soccer Ball Wall Art

Sized at 16 X 24, this retro faded wall art definitely makes a statement. The picture quality is impeccable.

7. Vintage Soccer Ball and Shoes Upcycled Dictionary Wall Art

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite frame. We framed it with a modern black frame and this hangs about my child's dresser. It just adds definition (no pun) to the room.

BONUS! I've recently come across these display holders. This are definitely very popular. Place them in the garage, mud room, child's room, game room, etc. The possibilities are endless.


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